Role Play


If you are looking for a little more fun and excitement than a typical GFE session provides, you came to the right place! My new Role Play sessions are the perfect way to cut lose, be a little silly or get kinkier than you ever have. Take a break from your world and become someone else for a short time, then get right back to business with the memories of your wild adventure! You don’t have to be nervous or shy or embarrassed because no one will ever know except you and me!

Below I have listed my favorite role play scenarios. Pick your favorite and don’t break character (unless of course you want to). Get ready for action!



The Classics

Maid I’d Like To Fuck

You come home early to find the maid cleaning as usual in that slutty uniform she always wears. She is so hot and you have often fantasized about the things you’d like to do to her. You know she doesn’t make much money and, since you are all alone, you share some thoughts on how she can earn a little extra.


The Sluttiest Girl In School

You are a tutor that has been hired by the parents of a teenage girl because her grades are slipping. Her folks don’t know that the reason her grades have dropped is because she spends all of her time in the boys locker room or behind the bleachers. Everyone at school knows she will do anything with anybody. She doesn’t even bother to wear panties under her uniform! Her trusting and clueless parents leave you alone with her and she can think of something she would much rather do than study!


Jail Bait

She is your teenage daughter’s best friend and has turned into one sexy young woman. You know its wrong, but you can’t help but notice the firm ass and tits barely covered by the skimpy clothes she wears. She is staying at your home while her parents are on vacation. One day, you come home early from work and find her there, ditching school half naked and masturbating right in your living room, a porno playing on your big screen TV. You try to lecture her but you can see in her eyes all she wants is your cock. Don’t worry, she can keep a secret!


X-Rated Stripper

You ask the sexy stripper you like back to the VIP for a private dance. After the song is over, you want to find out what all she is really willing to do for tips

*Donation in 10’s and 20’s works best



Your new wife came with a sexy new stepdaughter. Her mom does not know that every time she turns around, the hot little slut is all over you. She makes  it so hard to resist her advances. Now it’s time to give her what she wants!


Job Applicant

You are the boss and are looking for the best people for your team. You need someone that will do what they are told without question or hesitation. You only have one more question for the hot little bitch in front of you now, “How badly do you want this job?”




The Next Level

Cheating Girlfriend

You come home to find your girlfriend of almost a year with her face buried deep in her best friend’s pussy. You are shocked and hurt by her infidelity but also turned on by how eagerly she was licking and sucking her friends pretty cunt. You decide to let it go on for a little longer before you join in the fun

*Requires another provider. Her rate is separate


Starbucks Whore

It’s just another ordinary day and you stop into Starbucks for a drink. You sit down next the a hot young girl in a kind of skimpy outfit and say “Hi” politely. You guys get to talking and the conversation quickly turns erotic. You convince her to go with you for a little afternoon delight.


Video Session

Capture our fuck on HD video. I will provide an edited copy for you to keep and destroy the other copy for your protection.


Street Walker

My incall is located on a relatively quiet and secluded little street. I will walk outside in something skimpy and you drive up and pick me up as if I were a street walker. We go to my incall, or if you want to get really naughty, a secluded location and fuck in your car.



For The Truly Kinky


This is my personal favorite fantasy. We are back in the days of slavery and you just purchased me at auction to be your fuck slave. You take me home and are checking me out and fucking me for the first time. (Some racial comments are allowed to keep in character for the fantasy, but don’t get crazy)


Porno Theater Whore

You come into one of the local porn theaters and find me there shopping for dildos. You offer me the real thing and take me back to one of the rooms for a dirty romp.