Playing It Safe

No Bareback Sex

This seems to be a no-brainer, but so many guys call me asking for this. The answer is always the same, “No”. Not only do I want to risk my own health, I do not want to risk yours and I really don’t want to risk your SO’s (or future SO’s). There is nothing wrong with seeking a little variety as long as your are considerate of what you have at home.

Don’t Get Too Involved

Hopefully one day you will meet a provider that you really click with and that really does it for you. That’s not love, she is a pro that probably has a dozen guys feeling the same way. Don’t be a fool. Relationships between providers and clients rarely work out.

If a girl calls you after the session and asks for “favors” or anything else, politely get the hell out of that conversation. She is unprofessional and probably psycho. If you do it once, she will expect you to do it again.

Limit Your “Hobbying”

First I will say that I want your business and will gladly see you as often as you wish. It is up to you to establish your hobby budget and not to let it get out of control. $300/hr sessions add up to big bucks fast. I have known guys to spend tens of thousands of dollars on providers (ok, me) and I can’t help but doubt they are rich enough to be truly unaffected by it. Not only does excessive hobbying cost a fortune, it kills the excitement and increases your chance of getting caught.

Use Separate Phone and Email

If you plan to see a few girls, get a pre-paid “burner” phone to avoid unexpected phone calls. Some girls will send unsolicited texts to clients to get business. You don’t need that popping up in the middle of dinner. Turn it on when you want, turn it off when you want, and no way to trace it back to you.