Condom Shopping

Most good providers are well stocked with different condoms and will use the one she feels is appropriate. However, no one knows you like you. As you “enter the hobby world”, the type of condom that works best for you is something that is good to know.

Condom Brands

The main brands of condoms are as follows. If you wander into a sex shop, you will see there various little known pricey brands. Try them and let me know if they do anything special. I am guessing that they don’t. The best place to buy condoms is

  • Trojan
  • Durex
  • Lifestyles
  • One
  • Okamoto

All of these brands have lubricated and extra sensitive (thin). If you tend to have sex with younger women, go extra sensitive. If you tend to be with women 35 and older, go lubricated. In my opinion, “Thin” or “Extra Sensitive” are the best. I prefer to keep it simple.

Most of these brands a vast assortment of products including:

  • Ribbed/Studded
  • Flavored
  • Non-Latex
  • Pleasure Extenders
  • Pleasure Enhancers
  • Lambskin
  • Extra Large/Extra Small

I am not trying to write a thesis here so I will summarize. Ribbed are fine but unnecessary. Flavored and Pleasure Enhancers might have ingredients that are irritating for a woman so avoid them. Pleasure Extenders make you numb.

For extra large, Magnums are the top product, but other brands make similar products that are comparable. If you have a cock that requires a Magnum sized condom, bring them with you. Many providers will only have standard sized condoms that won’t fit you and your appointment will be ruined. Lifestyles makes “Snugger Fit” condoms, which are smaller than average.

Each brand makes a non-latex product for those who are allergic or irritated by latex. Most are made of Polyisoprene material, which is thin and gives an intense feeling. Trojan makes the Lambskin condom, which I have heard is the very best, but I have never tried them. I have to do that soon!

So, remember that condoms are cheap on Amazon. Find the best fit, snug, regular, or large and experiement! Get a variety pack of each brand’s products and try them all. Try the lambskin and tell me all about it, or better yet, let’s try it together!

Happy Fucking!

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