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Answers To The Questions You Ask Most

What Information Is Required For Screening?

My screening process is a little different. I am not interested in references and you do not need to provide a lot of personal information. All you have to do is call. I have been doing this for quite some time. I can pull all of the information I need out of a casual conversation. The fact that you don’t feel like you are being screened does not mean you are not being screened.

When Is the Best Time To Schedule an Appointment?

I am a full time provider, meaning I do not have another job that hinders my schedule. I have my phone with me all of the time so, unless I am sleeping, I will answer your phone call. If I step away from my phone and miss your call, I will not call back. I do not know what you have going on and I do not want to cause any problems. Please call back at your earliest convenience.

I do not like to take calls after midnight, but I might make an exception if you present a strong case.

I do not care for booking far in advance. Something almost always happens and plans change. If you are traveling here, call me when you arrive and are settled. It’s likely I am available or we can work out a good time. I do travel away from Dallas sometimes, but I am usually here.

How Can I Find Out What Specific Services Are Offered?

I am aware that my Services page is a little vague. I wish I could be more specific but there are legal issues. I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to know exactly what you are getting. I would want to know if I were you. The reviews I have listed in my sidebar are the best source for detailed info. Also, you can ask me by filling out the form on my Services page or, better yet, just call me.

How Accurate Are Your Pictures?

They are very accurate. I am a little thinner in my older photos but I think it is clear by looking at all of them what about me changes and what doesn’t. I look the same every day and beauty maintenance is part of my normal routine. I am 100% natural. That means no fake hair, nails, or body parts. The nails are subject to change.

Are Fetishes Available?

First I want to define fetish as something way outside of the realm of normal bedroom activities, then I want to say no, for the most part fetishes are not available.

Do You See Couples?

No I do not see couples. I wish I was more open to that, but I have had some awkward experiences.

Optimize Your Overnight


So you are thinking about booking an extended call with your special lady? You are too sweet! Before you pick up the phone to call her, there are some important things you may want to consider. Overnights are very expensive and, for the most part, we have a “No Refund” policy. Here are some pointers to help you get your money’s worth!


Know What You Want

This is so important! We are not mind-readers or therapists. If you don’t tell us what you want, we won’t know. Start by deciding exactly what you want from your provider and how you want the evening to go. Unfortunately, it still up to you to set the mood and make the magic. It is best if you have the entire evening roughly planned, for example, a quick roll in the hay, then a nice dinner, dessert and drinks, then let her get dressed up for you and then get down to the serious business!


Don’t be overly demanding

Anyone expecting 12 hours of rough, nasty sex is in for serious disappointment. If you get to wild and kinky as soon as she walks in the door, you will run out of things to do. Take it slow. Romance her a little and pull out the big guns later!

Relate to her

It is likely that you and your escort lead very different lives. Things that you consider ordinary are special to a girl from the other side of the tracks. Although some of us have mastered hiding it, thats what most of us are. Do not be condesending if she gets excited. Keep your conversations light. Please, please do not be judgemental.

Add some razzle dazzle

Do something special! It doesn’t matter if the something is big or small, just as long as it makes her show all of her teeth when she smiles. Even a little gift from the shop at the hotel will do the trick.

Feed her!!

If your call starts before 10:00 pm, it is a good idea to have food to offer her. A hungry girl is a cranky girl.

Condom Shopping

Most good providers are well stocked with different condoms and will use the one she feels is appropriate. However, no one knows you like you. As you “enter the hobby world”, the type of condom that works best for you is something that is good to know.

Condom Brands

The main brands of condoms are as follows. If you wander into a sex shop, you will see there various little known pricey brands. Try them and let me know if they do anything special. I am guessing that they don’t. The best place to buy condoms is

  • Trojan
  • Durex
  • Lifestyles
  • One
  • Okamoto

All of these brands have lubricated and extra sensitive (thin). If you tend to have sex with younger women, go extra sensitive. If you tend to be with women 35 and older, go lubricated. In my opinion, “Thin” or “Extra Sensitive” are the best. I prefer to keep it simple.

Most of these brands a vast assortment of products including:

  • Ribbed/Studded
  • Flavored
  • Non-Latex
  • Pleasure Extenders
  • Pleasure Enhancers
  • Lambskin
  • Extra Large/Extra Small

I am not trying to write a thesis here so I will summarize. Ribbed are fine but unnecessary. Flavored and Pleasure Enhancers might have ingredients that are irritating for a woman so avoid them. Pleasure Extenders make you numb.

For extra large, Magnums are the top product, but other brands make similar products that are comparable. If you have a cock that requires a Magnum sized condom, bring them with you. Many providers will only have standard sized condoms that won’t fit you and your appointment will be ruined. Lifestyles makes “Snugger Fit” condoms, which are smaller than average.

Each brand makes a non-latex product for those who are allergic or irritated by latex. Most are made of Polyisoprene material, which is thin and gives an intense feeling. Trojan makes the Lambskin condom, which I have heard is the very best, but I have never tried them. I have to do that soon!

So, remember that condoms are cheap on Amazon. Find the best fit, snug, regular, or large and experiement! Get a variety pack of each brand’s products and try them all. Try the lambskin and tell me all about it, or better yet, let’s try it together!

Happy Fucking!

Playing It Safe

No Bareback Sex

This seems to be a no-brainer, but so many guys call me asking for this. The answer is always the same, “No”. Not only do I want to risk my own health, I do not want to risk yours and I really don’t want to risk your SO’s (or future SO’s). There is nothing wrong with seeking a little variety as long as your are considerate of what you have at home.

Don’t Get Too Involved

Hopefully one day you will meet a provider that you really click with and that really does it for you. That’s not love, she is a pro that probably has a dozen guys feeling the same way. Don’t be a fool. Relationships between providers and clients rarely work out.

If a girl calls you after the session and asks for “favors” or anything else, politely get the hell out of that conversation. She is unprofessional and probably psycho. If you do it once, she will expect you to do it again.

Limit Your “Hobbying”

First I will say that I want your business and will gladly see you as often as you wish. It is up to you to establish your hobby budget and not to let it get out of control. $300/hr sessions add up to big bucks fast. I have known guys to spend tens of thousands of dollars on providers (ok, me) and I can’t help but doubt they are rich enough to be truly unaffected by it. Not only does excessive hobbying cost a fortune, it kills the excitement and increases your chance of getting caught.

Use Separate Phone and Email

If you plan to see a few girls, get a pre-paid “burner” phone to avoid unexpected phone calls. Some girls will send unsolicited texts to clients to get business. You don’t need that popping up in the middle of dinner. Turn it on when you want, turn it off when you want, and no way to trace it back to you.

Provider Responsibilities


Every girl should have accurate contact info on her ad. Not only should it be accurate, it should be closely monitored so that she is easy to get a hold of. If she has someone answering the phone for her, it should be mentioned in the ad. No one has time to waste!


There is no excuse for putting inaccurate photos on an ad. If a girl can’t take a pretty picture she should find another job. If she is so worried about someone seeing her that she blurs her face, my advice is the same. I can almost guarantee that if her face was a major selling point, she would show it. Bio info should be true as well. No one likes a liar!

Proper Maintainance

She should be well groomed and her hygiene should be good. When you meet her, she should look as if she is going somewhere special. That means great hair and make-up and a killer outfit. If it is not obvious she showered right before your meeting, tell her to…I would tell herto leave! No one likes a dirty girl!

Delivery Of Services

Any service advertised should be delivered. We write our own ads and we are free to include any limitations, or charge extra for certain things. Her approach natural and she should be experienced sexually and eager to please you. No one is forcing anyone to do anything.


Sex is not the only thing necessary to make a meeting enjoyable. She should be well spoken, interesting, intelligent, and polite. She should be comfortable and flirty, even suggestive. She should relax and entice you with conversation. No one likes a bore!

How To Choose The Right Girl

Do Your Homework!

Make sure the girl you are eyeing has a history of ads and reviews. Websites like TER and ECCIE are good for that. Eros is not, and that is why guys get burned. Preferred411 is a little bit of a hassle, they require a background check and employment verification for men to aquire membership. The good thing is, every girl also has to undergo a verification process, done personally by the site’s owner. TER (The Erotic Review) and ECCIE charge a fee for access to a database of client reviews. All you have to do is search by name. We are ALL on there, good and bad.  If your girl isn’t there, think twice before you see her.

 Do not tell yourself a photo looks “to good to be true”!

You will cheat yourself! There is no way of tellling a fake photo from a real one. We all know that the photos are the key to success. For us true escorts, that means spending the time and money to get the best we can, which often times, is pretty damn good.

Read her profile, or at least scan it!

For heaven’s sake! Forget what it actually says. Look for spelling and grammatical errors to tell you if a girl is dumb or inexperienced. If it is too well and efficiently written, look for the same profile, or a slightly edited version, on other ads. Agencies should always advertise as such, but they don’t. You want a hint of inexperience in the advertising department to give the ad a more personal feel. Avoid girls with lengthy profiles. It could only be a list of demands!

 Listen for the “hello”!

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT INDICATOR of quality. When you call her, does she answer with a peppy, clear “Hello?”. In my opinion, if the answer is no, hang up and move on. Does the voice on the phone the girl in the picture? Listen for the little things, but don’t judge too quickly. Make sure she answers the phone as if she may be receiving a call from a client she wishes to see.

Do not look for fault

Because this is a situation in which you have to use your instincts to make a decision, it is easy to become overly critical. Remember when communicating with a lady that this is the lady that caught your eye and you want it to work out. Do not approach her with a magnifying glass and begin an interagation, and please, please do not try to be clever and ask loaded questions. It is sooo annoying!

Of course, the conversation!!

Of course, after the peppy hello, the phone conversation is what makes or breaks. An experienced provider will always maintain a certain level of professionalism. Keep in mind, however, that we are in the business of engaging your personal side. She is trying to get a feel for you by giving you a feel for her.Do not tolerate rudeness or contempt. She is NOT that busy, trust me! Remember that beautiful girls like me are waiting for you to call. I hope it isn’t to impersonal to say, “we want your business!”. Keep your expectations high and the right girl will meet them.

Tips To Ensure A Great Session

Always Be Polite and Respectful

One little slip of the tongue can ruin your session. It is not always in our best interest to tell you when you piss us off over the phone, so we will just hold off and show you. Be really nice, don’t crack jokes. They are not ever funny. Your escort is a little firecracker and you don’t want to be the one with his pants down when she goes off.

Arrive Clean and Well Groomed

And PLEASE, PLEASE pop a mint or some gum!! If you have been working all day and couldn’t get to a shower, just let us know and we will be happy to let you use ours. Personally, I ALWAYS take showers before my sessions. I would take a shower with you, but I can’t risk my hair turning into a huge afro! I am not saying anything about my habits, but in generally clean balls get a lot more play then dirty ones. Just saying…

Use Proper Money Etiquette

The money should never be something that takes a lot of talk and time in the session. You should know her rate, including any extra services you want, before you want through the door. Have that amount ready (don’t open your wallet and flash your big stack of cash in front of her), take it out of your pocket in the beginning and set it down somewhere. This simple action tells her that you have the money. She should not go for it right away. She should leave it there to let you know that she is ready to earn it.

Get Everything You Want

If there is a fantasy or fetish you want to try, please do not be shy. Telling us what you want is the only way to ensure that you will get it. Most escorts offer services well beyond the list of abbreviations. We will do what you want us to do. Do not leave your session unsatisfied because your provider did not read your mind. That is not our job.

What Is An Escort?

Since so few people truly know the answer to this question, I think this is the most important piece of information on the site (next to my rates and phone number of course!). I will start by saying that not every girl that charges for erotic service is an escort, in fact, very few are. Most of those girls are troubled drug addicts that endure terrible hardships before and after every call. Who needs that? We few, true “bonafide” escorts are playing a totally different sport. We are exquisite women, beautiful, smart, witty, passionate, and capable of adapting to any situation we might find ourselves in. We are the type of women that you stare at (or glance thoroughly if you’re married) in public and think to yourself, “Man, I’d love to fuck that chick!”

The most important difference between us and the run-of-the-mill anti-drug poster children is that we are seeing you because WE WANT TO. We have an infinite number of opportunities available to us and we know it, there is no forcing or coercion. We are women that found a great way to make a lot of money. When my best friend told me she made “$200 an hour” working in Arkansas before she got married, that was all she wrote. People go to college for 10 years to make that kind of dough!

Having made our own intelligent decision to go into this profession, our self-esteem is high and nothing delights us more than when our hard work pays off and we have you on the phone. It is that attitude that makes it easy for us to make an intimate connection with you and provide the ideal quality of service that keeps you coming back. We know that for you it is simple physical attraction and a basic human need, and we would not dare complicate that, but to us it is so much more. Every aspect of our lives affects our performance so we are left with the difficult job of keeping our stress low and maintenance high.

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