Answers To The Questions You Ask Most

What Information Is Required For Screening?

My screening process is a little different. I am not interested in references and you do not need to provide a lot of personal information. All you have to do is call. I have been doing this for quite some time. I can pull all of the information I need out of a casual conversation. The fact that you don’t feel like you are being screened does not mean you are not being screened.

When Is the Best Time To Schedule an Appointment?

I am a full time provider, meaning I do not have another job that hinders my schedule. I have my phone with me all of the time so, unless I am sleeping, I will answer your phone call. If I step away from my phone and miss your call, I will not call back. I do not know what you have going on and I do not want to cause any problems. Please call back at your earliest convenience.

I do not like to take calls after midnight, but I might make an exception if you present a strong case.

I do not care for booking far in advance. Something almost always happens and plans change. If you are traveling here, call me when you arrive and are settled. It’s likely I am available or we can work out a good time. I do travel away from Dallas sometimes, but I am usually here.

How Can I Find Out What Specific Services Are Offered?

I am aware that my Services page is a little vague. I wish I could be more specific but there are legal issues. I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to know exactly what you are getting. I would want to know if I were you. The reviews I have listed in my sidebar are the best source for detailed info. Also, you can ask me by filling out the form on my Services page or, better yet, just call me.

How Accurate Are Your Pictures?

They are very accurate. I am a little thinner in my older photos but I think it is clear by looking at all of them what about me changes and what doesn’t. I look the same every day and beauty maintenance is part of my normal routine. I am 100% natural. That means no fake hair, nails, or body parts. The nails are subject to change.

Are Fetishes Available?

First I want to define fetish as something way outside of the realm of normal bedroom activities, then I want to say no, for the most part fetishes are not available.

Do You See Couples?

No I do not see couples. I wish I was more open to that, but I have had some awkward experiences.